iHave Arrived


"I see a red door..."


The illiterate Blogger has arrived at a new home. This home, like many roads and buildings in the Reality of things, is under construction. iWill not be intimidated by the infuriating mechanics of designing a blog and posts will be published on a fortnightly basis. One hopes.

Unlike one Miss Dickinson, we will not ponder on that thing with feathers however. iWish to share with my readers – whether you exist or not (for it doesn’t really matter as long as iBelieve) – a new experience in the field of books. It pertains to a matter which many of you have hesitant views on… and others much stronger, traditional opinions. It is the future of publication perhaps. You know now that I write of the intriguing eBook.

Opening a book is an act nearly sacred in feeling. iCan imagine it now. The pages are old and dusty… they smell like second homes. Sentence by sentence, another world is consumed by your eyes and digested by your mind. Defecated by your memory who can replicate only shadows of moments, of glances. Then the deed is done and sighing in contentment (or whimsy even?), you close the book. A satisfactory thud. What screen may even begin to imitate this experience? What terrible trinket of technology would even dare?

Why none, of course.

The eReader does not wish to be a book. It is not the mistress who yearns to be the wife. It is simply the Mistress, content in its duty to satisfy a hunger for convenience. And so, hanging my head in shame, iDo admit to having a Mistress. May my shelves of dusty tomes forgive me- surely they understand the temptation. The seductive build, the astonishing versatility.

Oh alright, taking the analogy a little too far maybe.

The eReader in question is the only device with a Wireless in-built store available to those of us presently residing in the United Kingdom: the Amazon Kindle. As a frequent commuter between two cities, iOften find myself shifting dozens of books from one place to another for vacations and trips. Most bibliophiles do, iImagine. It was the efficient use of space and weight which lured me into the arms of this elegant little contraption. iHave no regrets (and unlike those liars on their deathbeds, iDo mean it)!

First things first: it utilizes an e-Ink display… contrary to popular belief, this feels nothing like a computer screen. Stroll into any store with a good eReader and you will understand my meaning when iTell you that they have indeed earned the right to call it electronic paper. It may be sharper and less grainy then typical book paper, if I may be honest. The closest comparison would be thick, glossy magazine paper. Not an unpleasant thing.

My first experience with the Kindle was with Trudi Canavan’s  Black Magician Trilogy, which are, incidentally, very good Young Adult books if you’re interested in beginning an experiment of the Fantasy genre on a light note. But that is beside the point. After the first few chapters, it was easy to forget that iWas reading on an eReader. There is also the nifty ability of being able to change the size of your font (more than just nifty for those of you with the remarkable talent of misplacing your reading spectacles at the wrong time- you know who you are).

What can iSay to close this post? iWill say that if you are looking for something extraordinary… something amazing… something ridiculously spectacular and beyond the typical reading experience… well, you’re in for a disappointment. Reading is reading. The eReader should only be invested in by travelers, commuters and anyone with a penchant for carrying their libraries around in rucksacks.

iLove my Kindle. Still, iHave my shelves of unread books and boxes of old ones waiting to be rediscovered. The analogy cannot be so easily forgotten. The eReader is indeed like a Mistress. You may love her, treasure her and take her with you on expensive little adventures. Yet there is the wife. The Wife who waits patiently at home- where you will always return, bound together by some sacred bond.

Now go read something.

– The illiterate Blogger-


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