Autumn Rain.


London City (courtesy of Getty Images © 2010)

Autumn is here and leaves are falling from their trees. England is rather picturesque in the autumn. Pretty in the summer, maybe… pleasant in the spring and positively gothic in the winter. But this sneaky little season – creeping into our lives as a steady stream of slightly lowering temperatures – is supremely serene, beyond beautiful. Colours are deep, winds pick up and if you happen to be out a little before sunset on a sunny day then you might be able to catch something different in the air. No: the memory of something different (and Dead) blowing in from what England once was. It is a sad and soothing magic.

iHave failed to be punctual with my updates once more! No worries… not much of an audience to complain. The luxury of an obscure personal blog in the great world wide web. At any rate, it is not a popular season for blogs and playful endeavors for many of my generation because now that autumn is here, so is a new academic term. Schools and Universities are welcoming their students back by the throngs, coolah, coolay! iMyself am due to begin a second year of silliness (Politics) and seriousness (Economics). Tweedledee and Tweedledum. It is therefore only proper that I attempt to do some form of summing up in regards to my summer.


Stephen King's "It."

iHave enjoyed an admittedly lazy and uneventful vacation. Some vacations should be, iSuppose. It has certainly encouraged an appreciation of more productive lifestyles. It has also given me ample time to read and play and dream and sleep and catch up with old friends. As you can see to my left, we have a poster featuring the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s popular horror classic, “It”. Haven’t seen it? It’s a reasonably scary movie, up until the last twenty minutes (which are still worth a watch if you want a good laugh).

iPromised- in an earlier version of this blog- to read “The Shining” by Mister King. Well, to read anything by the fellow because “The Talisman” had left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. As someone who is presently 70% into “It”, iCan now confidently announce that I no longer express distaste of his novels. If all of them are as well-crafted and fascinating as this… well, he’s off my iHate list. Let’s just leave it at that. Do give it a try if you share my former dislike of Stephen King and if you don’t have a crippling fear of clowns.

My other books have been light and quick affairs. iHave perused the “Pretties” trilogy by Westerfield and Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games”. Most of this was done during a rather painful period of illness iExperienced. Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” was also on my list. Not as marvelous as his Sandman creations or as playful as The Graveyard Book but it is full of the nonsensical fun that Gaiman practically emanates. iLook forward to reading his other stories.

Layton, Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

For now, my life is peppered with the effort of getting organized for the trials and tribulations ahead of me in Edinburgh. Sweaters to be dug up, textbooks to be bought, boots to be polished and guilty pleasures to be savoured. iHave also been amidst the holy month of Ramadan- fasting here is difficult because the sun sets much later than it does in Malaysia. Eh, one should not complain too much… it is not meant to be a terribly easy task. Soon it will be Eid al-Fitr and the celebrations will commence! Happy days. iHope that all fellow Muslims across the globe will be able to celebrate their Eid in relative comfort.

So. If you’re wondering about the Englishman in the top hat to my right, then you probably don’t own a Nintendo DS or keep up with video game ads.

“Professor Layton” is a series of games on the DS handheld console. It is basically a collection of challenging puzzles (over a hundred) set into the context of a mysterious story. Our main character is Layton himself although most of the time the player feels relegated to the role of his sidekick, Luke. iHave played and completed the first two games of the series over the summer. The third is due this October. If you do own the console and if you’re looking for something more creative than your average brain teaser, then do yourself a favour and check it out. Some anime fans might find the light-hearted story and intriguing characters appealing- there is in fact an animated movie based on the series: “Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva” also being released in October.

Have iFilled your luverly heads with enough miscellaneous information? iHope so. I’d like to offer a big thanks to a certain Floridan Pokemon fan for nudging me into writing an entry, by the way. As for the rest of you…

Now go read something.

-The illiterate Blogger-


2 responses to “Autumn Rain.

  1. Chomby

    I enjoyed reading that Nuri!
    Gonna miss you when you go to Edinburgh. XXX

  2. CK

    I’ll definitely check Prof.Layton out; I’ve been playing too much Pokemon >__>;

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