Of Space and Shelves and Sacrifice

Hello and welcome to This is iLiterate. If you have been directed to this page from my google+ profile, facebook page, twitter feed or a message board… well, you already know the point of this entry. In which case you are more than welcome to contact me with a request. Otherwise, read on! 

   In spite of the fact that my creaking bookshelves have long been begging me to cease the purchase of further comrades, I have continued to feed my collection of novels. Many of these I have not read and there now exists a confusingly transcontinental library that belongs to one Nuri Tal. But strewn across countries or not, iSimply cannot proceed to hoard these precious tomes- they deserve better, more permanent homes and my lovely siblings deserve not to have their flats annually assailed by bibliohabits. So now iReach my point.

Over the next two weeks, I will be posting entries listing four to six books that I intend to give away. Most of these books are in good condition: not “like new”, as you Amazonians may put it, but quite close to that. I do not require payment for any of them unless you happen to reside out of the United Kingdom, in which case I may ask you to pay shipment. Only one book per-person. Should you receive a book from me, I invite you to keep the darling safe and then pass it along like a good summer cold.

THE LIST #1: “A Good mix”

  NOTE:  Thanks very much for your attention! You may contact me at this e-mail address:


Now. Go read something. 

– The iLiterate Blogger –


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