Stories, stories, Everywhere.

   Stories, stories, Everywhere. We do enjoy a good story. Ingenious mysteries or disturbing terrors, a fantastical fantasy or a grim reality. Wherever we look there is something to be told, especially at airports or train stations: two ports I have had the good fortune of passing through recently. The boy with both blacks eyes and the ravenous appetite. The old couple with a map of Great Britain covered in flourished scribbling. The tales write themselves.

   My sister linked me to an interesting video yesterday. It’s always a little strange when people send you links, saying: “This seems like the kind of thing you would like!” Sometimes they are right and your predictable ways will depress you. Other times they are wrong and you will wish that people knew you better. What fickle monsters we are! At any rate, it is this particular song and video which prompted me to write about finding stories everywhere. Take a gander at it. Depending on your disposition, you may find the plot disquieting. But it isn’t (promise).

   I hope that you’re all looking for tales to tell, wherever you are. But keep in mind that fine, fine line between scandal and story.

Now. Go read something.

– The iLiterate Blogger – 


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