Aaand we’re back!


Welcome back to the The iLiterate Blogger!

The last we’ve met was at the beginnings (and odd middles) of my university education in the great city of Edinburgh and I would like to thank all of you who helped liberate me from my backlog of literature. You guys were great. It will be a few months before I’m back on the wagon and reviewing books/travels again but until then I would like to share with you an aspect of my higher education that hadn’t fully integrated itself into this blog: film.

After three years of serving on the committee of the university’s student-run cinema (EUFS) and writing brief reviews for its booklets, I will be running a review commentary on the city’s famed Film Festival. You will be able to find these on my sister blog, An Alarming Shade and also on the society website, linked above. Pending a press pass, I will be writing these on behalf of the EUFS and alongside its other committee members.

Thanks for sticking around and I suppose I’ll see you at the screens!

 Now. Go read something.

– the iLiterate Blogger –


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